3D-Printed Miura Fold

This is a flexible 3D-printed PA12 part inspired by Miura-Ori fold. Due to its geometry and thin walls, it is partially compressible and strechable by hand. It is designed for pushing the HP’s Jet Fusion 3D printer’s capabilities to produce parts with resilient mechanical properties. The part in the photo is post-processed matte-black dye.

It was demonstrated at Symposium of Computational Fabrication (Abstract: “An Exploration of 3D-Printed Metamaterial Structures” (J. W. Jun, A. F. Siu. 2019). 

This work was featured on Innovation Journal (Issue 11: Winter 2018) magazine. 

Innovation Journal page featuring the part

3D model

The wall thickness is less than 1mm. 

3D-printed parts

The part is semi-flexible due to its geometry and wall thickness.  

HP Labs (2019)
Design: Jiwon Jun