Flapper Drones Shell Design

Photo credit: Flapper Drones

The Flapper Drones are bio-inspired flying robots invented by TU Delft Aerospace Engineering team in the Netherlands. It flies by flapping their wings like birds and insects, and it is being developed for entertainment purposes. We collaborated with the team to apply HP’s Jet Fusion 3D-printing technology for making the robots more expressive and robust. 


Left: 3D model of the external shell, Right: PA12 parts printed on HP Jet Fusion 3D printer 

The 3D-printed external shells are designed inspired by a humming-bird, and it weighs less than 10 grams. In order to keep the light weight, it was designed to be perforated and printed in extremely thin layers. An anchoring mechanism is also integrated into the shell using living hinge designs, so the installation of it to the drone’s body is easy and quick.

Flapper Drones Flight Demo

HP Labs (2019) collaborated with Delft University of Technology 
3D-Printed custom shell design: Jiwon Jun
Flapper Drones Team: