VR Memory Repository

Demonstration of the “VR Memory Repository” prototype experience

VR Memory Repository explores an idea of using VR as a platform that people can exhibit and share their own photos and videos. It focuses on creating a personal VR experience curated with users’ own content, which could allow them to revisit memorable moments in an immersive way.


VR space design

In order to test this idea, a virtual space was designed to exhibit photos and 360° videos collected within my team. The space consists of two rooms, and the content were displayed separately in each space. The photos were displayed on the wall, and the videos were exhibited inside of big spheres, so that a user can step into the spheres and watch the videos.

Storyboard: printing Interaction

Also, we added a printing feature for a user to print out photos in VR. Using a sensor of a VR headset, a photo that the user’s face is heading toward is automatically selected. When the user presses a button on a VR controller the selected photo is printed via a connected printer.

An automatically selected photo based on a user’s head direction

Storyboard: how to watch 360° videos

The 360° videos are displayed in the spheres, and round rugs are placed under the spheres to guide the user to step on it for watching the videos. 3D spatial audio effect is applied to the spheres, so when a user gets closer to the sphere the sound from the video becomes louder.

This project was presented at “The Art of Immersion” panel discussion at IEEE Games, Entertainment, and Media 2018 conference. 

HP Labs (2018)
Idea: Jiwon Jun, Mary Baker, Eric Faggin
Design: Jiwon Jun
Prototyping (Unity): Jiwon Jun, Kevin Smathers
IEEE Games, Entertainment, and Media 2018